06 Jan

Selling a house can be a complicated and stressful experience. From fixing the right price to spending money on pre-sale repairs and managing legal hassles, there are a hundred things you will have to worry. This is why so many homeowners choose a cash home sale. You don’t have to worry about the bank pulling out of a loan, or any other drama associated with selling a home. Besides the above, here are a few advantages of selling to a cash home buyer:

You get to sell the house as is:

Unless it is a new house or if you have recently renovated the property, it is next to impossible to sell the house without spending a few hundred dollars on home improvement. Even then, you cannot be sure about getting homeowners to pay without renegotiating. Many buyers agree to the purchase price because they know they could get the price down after an inspection – even after the money is put into escrow. In some situations, the buyer could request for a specific inspection for the sewer line or the roof, depending on the property and the issues that it is likely to face. They could renegotiate the price considering the added repairs they’ll have to incur.

You get access to instant cash:

From the time the buyer agrees to your offer to the time when the money is transferred to your bank account, there are a hundred things that could go wrong. The bank could reject the mortgage application, buyers could change their mind, or the home inspection report could reveal something that could make the homeowner go cold feet. But with a cash home sale, you can have access to cash almost immediately after closing.

Cash home sale is stress-free:

When we buy houses for cash, we make sure the seller has very little to worry.  They do not have to move the junk out of the house and are free to leave the place as it is. Unlike a conventional sale, you don’t have to worry about homeowners changing their minds - this is a guaranteed sale! There are no added costs as well – you don’t have to pay estate agents or worry about closing costs. Besides, you are in full control of the sale – you get to decide when to move out and even pick a closing date.

But to be able to enjoy all of this, it’s important to choose the right buyer. Read reviews about the company before you decide to call them.

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